Saturday, September 07, 2013

Hello everybody,

August 20th was my last correspondence with you. So far the designs for most of both lines has been posted in my blog. Thank you to the few who got back to me with their comments and suggestions, it was a real help. I do look for more of you to leave comments. You do not have to sign up on my blog to do so, just go to my facebook profile and business pages, and and leave comments.

Now I want to list the rewards I plan to give those who pledge to my kickstarter. Once again, I'd like to know your thoughts.


$3.00 or more will give you any sticker of your choice.
$5.00 or more will give you any pin button of your choice.
$10.00 or more gives you 4 stickers or 2 stickers and a pin button of your choice.
$15.00 or more gives you 4 pin buttons or 2 pin buttons and 2 stickers of your choice.
$25.00 or more and we enter the meat of the project. This gives you any tee shirt or cap plus a sticker and pin button.
$35.00 or more and you get any tee shirt or cap plus the $10.00 package.
$50.00 or more gets you 2 tee shirts or caps or 1 of each plus 2 stickers and 2 pin buttons.
$750.00 or more and 3 tee shirts or 3 caps or a 1:2 ratio of both is yours plus 3 stickers and 3 pin buttons.
$100.00 or more and your styling with 5 tee shirts or caps or both in a 1:4 or 2:3 ratio. You also get 2 stickers or pin buttons or 1 of each.
$250.00 or more and we enter a new realm. Now you get some great fine art. This pledge gives you a 20" x 24" gilcee print of either one of my fine art originals, "Plains of Peace" or "Barnstorm Boys" or a combination of 10 tee shirts and caps plus 5 stickers and pin buttons in any ratio you like.
$500.00 or more will get you both 20" x 24" giclee prints of "Plains of Peace" and "barnstorm Boys" plus 1 tee shirt, cap, sticker and pin button of your choice. Or you could get 1 giclee print and 10 tee shirts or capsor a combination of both  and 5 stickers or pin buttons or a combination of both in whatever ratios you like.
$1,000.00 will get you both giclee prints plus a third print from a choice of 6 other original fine art pieces of mine along with 10 tee shirts or caps or a combination of both and 5 stickers or pin buttons or a combination of both.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Black Retro Baseball Collection caps

Hello everybody. I still want to hear any comments you have about my intended apparel and accessories line. You can send them to me at my facebook business account,

In the mean time, here are the caps to the Black Retro Baseball Collection. There are a lot but I'll hear what's popular.


Thursday, August 15, 2013


It's time for some baseball. Here is the Black Retro Baseball Collection, by Ajibade Designs.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Plains of Peace art

I did this piece in 1995. It's a 20" x 24" oil pastel on illustration board, titled Plains of Peace. It will be part of my Peace Industry line and once I launch my kickstarter project, giclee prints and stickers will be offered of the image. If you have any other ideas of how to use the image, I all ears.

Peace and Love

Introduction to Peace Industry by Ajibade Designs

Hello people,

Last week told you about my up coming kickstarter project, Ajibade Designs and introduced the video I plan to launch on their site.

This week I'd like to show and familiarize you with my designs and art, starting with my Peace Industry merchandise, which consists of t-shirts, caps, stickers and pin buttons. I would love to get your comments and questions and I promise to respond and answer them. I'd like to know what you feel about the color combinations I've used and what colors you want to see.

Thank you and please keep following this build up to my kickstarter launch. I will be asking you to vote on which design to use for hang tags, which designs to offer to the public first and which designs to be exclusive to kickstarter supporters only. Yes your opinions matter and help.

link to Peace Industry designs


Ajibade Designs are copy written with all rights reserved.

Peace Industry by Ajibade Designs

This is the first of 4 pages of my Peace Industry line. Once again, please let me know your comments, especially on the color combinations.


Thursday, August 01, 2013

Ajibade Designs kickstarter project

Hey everybody,

Thanks for coming to my blog. As I mentioned on facebook, I am preparing to launch my kickstarter project. it's called Ajibade Designs.

Ajibade Designs is an apparel and accessories line. The line  is based on 2 main themes-the old Negro baseball teams and the peace movement. The message of both is awareness. I'm bringing awareness and hopefully appreciation to some important American history and an important movement needed in America now.

About the lines, I've designed about 60 logos and graphics based on the previously mentioned themes. Black Retro will be the name of the Black baseball teams line and Peace Industry is the peace movement line. The old Black teams did not have logos back in the day, so I've done a lot of research and studying of these teams, their histories and their colors. As a result, I've come up with logo designs for 50 of these former clubs. A brief history of each team will also accompany their merchandise.  Peace messages are always colorful and cool and my Peace Industry follows that and more.

All the graphics and logos will go on t-shirts, caps, stickers and pin buttons. The shirts will be in women's and men's tapered cut. If there is enough demand, I will also offer youngster's sizes. The caps will be the Pro  and low profile fits. Please enjoy the video and the designs. Please leave comments too, I want to know what you think.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Toastmasters Speech Contest

On Monday, September 10th, I competed in a speech contest for my Toastmasters club, Diagonals. There were two categories in the contest, Tall Tales and Humorous speech. Usually you compete in one, but I had done both and won at my club level 2 weeks prior, qualifying me for this area contest.

I won both contests that night and was pleasantly surprised by the crystal statues/plaques I was given. They look nice. More importantly, I felt a huge sense of pride and joy...I had represented my club and won for them.  Now I go onto the division contest in late October.

Check out the statues/plaques below: