Thursday, August 01, 2013

Ajibade Designs kickstarter project

Hey everybody,

Thanks for coming to my blog. As I mentioned on facebook, I am preparing to launch my kickstarter project. it's called Ajibade Designs.

Ajibade Designs is an apparel and accessories line. The line  is based on 2 main themes-the old Negro baseball teams and the peace movement. The message of both is awareness. I'm bringing awareness and hopefully appreciation to some important American history and an important movement needed in America now.

About the lines, I've designed about 60 logos and graphics based on the previously mentioned themes. Black Retro will be the name of the Black baseball teams line and Peace Industry is the peace movement line. The old Black teams did not have logos back in the day, so I've done a lot of research and studying of these teams, their histories and their colors. As a result, I've come up with logo designs for 50 of these former clubs. A brief history of each team will also accompany their merchandise.  Peace messages are always colorful and cool and my Peace Industry follows that and more.

All the graphics and logos will go on t-shirts, caps, stickers and pin buttons. The shirts will be in women's and men's tapered cut. If there is enough demand, I will also offer youngster's sizes. The caps will be the Pro  and low profile fits. Please enjoy the video and the designs. Please leave comments too, I want to know what you think.